We provide our services both in terms of advice as in terms of a perfect compliance with various formalities and tax returns , e.g.:

Optimization of the national salary structure Benefits in kind
  Costs proper to the employer
  Social benefits & plans
  Share option plans
Salary split Simulations of the net remuneration and salary cost
  Preparation of labour agreements
  Guidance and follow-up as to payroll issues
  Preparation of Belgian resident income tax returns
  Co-ordination of foreign income tax returns
Split between individual and corporate taxes Switch from employee status to self-employed status
  Switch from employee or self-employed status to a professional company
Expat regulation in Belgium Simulations and calculations
  Preparation of labour agreement
  Guidance and application of the special tax regime for foreign executives
  Tax litigation
  Preparation of Belgian non-resident income tax returns (including employer attestations)
  Linked issues: immigration, inheritance planning, …
Foreign employment Social security and labour law issues in case of assignment
  Overseas social security
  Application of the “ABOS” Circular letter (in, French: AGCD Circulaire)
Retirements Consulting when implementing pension structures
  Formalities at the moment of contribution and distribution
  Group insurances, individual life insurances
Advice in case of a tax audit, a tax assessment or a tax litigation